Wembury Parish Council

Wembury Parish Council is situated in the administrative district of South Hams District Council in the administrative county of Devon County Council.

A model publication scheme, which has been prepared and approved by the Information Commissioner’s Office, was adopted without modification by Wembury Parish Council at the meeting in January 2009 and will be valid until further notice. This publication scheme commits Wembury Parish Council to make information available to the public as part of its normal business activities.

Wembury Parish Council information is displayed on eleven notice boards spread throughout the Wembury Parish. In addition, there are two main notice boards, one outside the shop in Down Thomas and one outside the Post Office in Wembury. Information is regularly posted on the Wembury Parish website, Wembury Parish Facebook page and the Parish Clerk provides information for the local Wembury Review magazine.

Other information may be obtained by contacting the Parish Clerk. Some types of information may incur a charge.


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