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The Wembury Parish in Outline

The area of the Parish is 3773 acres (1527 hectares) with a population of slightly under 3000 residents.

It is situated wholly within the South Devon Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty and the Plymouth Sound and Estuaries candidate Special Area of Conservation. Offshore is sited the Wembury Voluntary Marine Conservation Area, chosen in recognition of its marine wildlife and contained within Wembury Point Site of Special Scientific Interest, while the coastline forms part of the South Devon Heritage Coast.

The Devon Wildlife Trust oversees the Wembury Marine Centre situated near Wembury beach and car park, which seeks to explain and educate, particularly school children, about the marine environment. Visit their website.
The Parish Church, dedicated to St Werburgh, overlooks Wembury beach and the Great Mewstone.

The Civil Parish is known as Wembury and is divided into two Wards, the eastern ward of Wembury and the western ward of Down Thomas. The Parish Council comprises of twelve councillors.

Since 1981 the Parish has been twinned with Loc Maria Plouzane, a village on the Brittany coast seven miles west of the naval port of Brest in a beautiful setting similar to our own.

Wembury has a safe and popular beach administered by the National Trust, who also run a car park and cafe. Car parking in neighbouring roads is restricted between April and September (inclusive) to ensure freedom of access to the beach and Parish Church.

Parish Church

Further Information About the Parish

Copies of the publication "Discovering Wembury" may be purchased from the Post Offices, beach cafes and local shops. This booklet is a more detailed guide to Parish history, landmarks, the local environment and footpaths. It includes a map of the Parish and comprehensive footpath routes. It may be obtained by post on application to the Parish Clerk (postage will apply).

A "Guide to Wembury Church" is available in the Parish Church.

The Church and parish publish a monthly magazine "The Wembury Review" detailing church services, local events and other activities around the parish, which is on sale at the Post Office, Beach Cafe/Shop, Chalet Sites and local shops in the Parish.

It may also be purchased by annual subscription as set out in any copy.

Wembury Church
Wembury Review
Discovering Wembury