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The Watermark in Ivybridge - If you would like to book any event please do not hesitate to contact - 01752 892220 - Email

Local Community Organisations
The yearly programmes for many local community organisations are shown in the 'Our Community' section or in the local monthly magazine, The Wembury Review, available from local retail outlets.

Rail Services from Ivybridge
Information can be obtained from Ivybridge Rail Users’ Group (IRUG); to contact the group please telephone the Watermark Information Centre on 01752 892220.
Full and mini timetables also available from the Watermark Information Centre, Erme Court;

National Rail Enquiries contactable on 08457 484950

First Great Western Enquiries

Bus Services - First Devon & Cornwall Ltd

Wembury Review  

Wembury Sailing Club - Tide Details

River Yealm Harbour Authority

News - 2017  Archive News
New Rentplus Homes, Knighton Hill, Wembury
Details - How to Apply
Speeding Vehicles in Traine Road, Wembury
There appears to be an increase in vehicles driving far to fast along Traine Road in Wembury. The road is narrow with many blind bends and fast moving vehicles are a danger to pedestrians, horses and the drivers themselves. Please avoid driving along Traine Road unless you have to. If you have to, then please drive slowly and be aware of other people and animals that may also be using the road. Please eliminate this dangerous practice.
Wembury Recreation Ground – Dog Mess
There has been a noticeable increase in the amount of dog mess deposited on the Wembury Recreation playing field this winter.
This has partly come about because there has not been any football played on the pitch for some time due to management problems. The Football team used to remove all the dog waste from the pitch before every game. Obviously this is not being done now, hence the accumulation of dog mess.
Responsible dog owners pick up their dog faeces and put them in the bins provided. However, Wembury Parish Council would urge ALL dog owners to do the same. Will responsible dog owners please assist the council in this matter and speak to other dog owners.
Wembury Parish Council is soon to take over ownership of the Wembury Recreation Ground and wishes it to be a place where all users can enjoy a well cared for environment.
Shared Access
Shared Access is a company that provides local facilities for agreeing to a suitable location for one of their telecom masts.
Wembury Parish Council have been in discussions with Shared Access about lighting the MUGA, Skateboard Park and one tennis court within Wembury Recreation Ground for the provision of a mast on top of one of the lighting columns. Local clubs have been contacted and Pegasus (on behalf of Shared Access) are writing to local residents to consult them about the scheme.
At the Wembury Parish Council meeting on Monday 28 November 2016 the Parish Council rejected the Shared Access proposal following numerous comments at the meeting, emails, letters and petitions from the local community.
The Parish Council will try to re-negotiate with Shared Access a suitable location of the mast away from the local School.