The natural beauty of Wembury, and its location only eight miles from the centre of Plymouth and A38 Devon Expressway, ensure a strong and normally bouyant property price range.

Housing exists from two bed bungalows through to four and five bedroom houses, with interesting barn and similar conversions.

As the whole of the Wembury Parish is situated within an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, local South Hams District Council planning policies resist any further large development, and infill, or improvement or conversion of existing property is carefully vetted.

Housing is located in four settlements. The largest is situated at Wembury Knighton, about three quarters of a mile inland from the beach and Parish Church, with Hollacombe on the road to the Parish boundary.

There are two large residential housing schemes on the outskirts of the Wembury Parish, 

In adjoining Parishes - the large Sherford development started in 2017 and the Staddiscombe development is now complete.

Also, there are three smaller settlements at Down Thomas, Heybrook Bay and Wembury Point. 

There are two smaller developments within Wembury Village, at Knighton Hill, which is currently under construction, and 40 houses at Barton Brake, off Leyford Close, which is now complete.

Contact should be made with South Hams District Council and Plymouth City Council for further information.

Heybrook BayHeybrook Bay
Down ThomasDown Thomas