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Fly Tipping - Not Just Bags of Rubbish 

Are you aware that fly tipping isn't just bags of rubbish or that unwanted satellite dish? Unfortunately our lovely parishioners are just as guilty of fly tipping as strangers coming in to the parish, and it costs everyone money. South Hams District Council come to collect anything that's fly tipped on public land and yes you're paying them through your council tax to do it.

Even putting your garden waste over a hedge or wall on to land that you don't own is also considered fly tipping. You might think it's harmless because it rots down, but in the meantime it can harm animals as many garden cuttings are poisonous or dangerous to grazing animals (including grass cuttings). They can also cause a hazard to humans or vehicles or are simply unsightly.

Lets keep our parish looking the best it can and protect our beautiful animals and wildlife.

Remember Fly-tipping is a criminal offence punishable by a fine of up to £50,000 or 12 months imprisonment if convicted in a Magistrates' Court. The offence can attract an unlimited fine and up to 5 years imprisonment if convicted in a Crown Court. There are also a number of other possible penalties, including fixed penalty notices and having a vehicle seized.

New Bus Shelter - Mewstone Avenue 

The planned bus shelter at the bus stop at the end of Mewstone Avenue (Odd Wheel end) is due to be installed the week of the 7th October. Please ensure that if you normally park there, that you find an alternative site in order to ensure the workforce can get to the location easily. Expect disruption at peak times whilst the workforce work safely.



Read the draft minutes of the last Wembury Parish Council meetings, to know what the Parish Council is doing for you.



7.30 pm 

Monday 28th October 2019 at 

The Silver Jubilee Hall

Down Thomas

When the draft minutes will be approved. 

 Come along to hear what the Parish Council can do for you.


Children’s Play Area- The second stage will take place once grant funding is received.

Tree Planting – The first part of the third phase is due to begin soon with bulb planting taking place in the autumn

Zip Wire, Trim Trail and Exercise Stations – Quotes have been received for this work. Once decisions are made and additional funding granted work will begin.

Pavilion – A working group has been established to source funding and make decisions. If you would like to be a part of this group please contact Cllr Brown



Interested in joining our group of volunteers in adding life and colour to our local road verges?

For more info: contact Keith on 07779 242191 or email wemburyverges@gmail.com



If you are interested in where there is likely to be future development within Wembury Parish - then join the Neighbourhood Plan Group to determine the future of Wembury Parish.

Details can be found on their own website:


Or - Email Pownplan

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We hope that you find this website useful and helpful in guiding you around the wonderful Parish of Wembury.
Please refer to "About Wembury Parish" for more sources of information

New Parish Council

We welcome the new Parish Council who will be in post till 2023. Most are returning councillors and we now have four new councillors - Meg Newstead, Coral Smith, Graham Truscott and Mark Kenny.

The new Chairman is Cllr Brown and the Vice Chairman is Cllr Drought.



 The Wembury Parish Council stall


The Wembury Neighbourhood Plan Stall


 News & General Informatio

Speeding Vehicles in Traine Road, Wembury

There appears to be an increase in vehicles driving far too fast along Traine Road in Wembury. The road is narrow with many blind bends and fast moving vehicles are a danger to pedestrians, horses and the drivers themselves. Please avoid driving along Traine Road unless you have to. If you have to, then please drive slowly and be aware of other people and animals that may also be using the road. Please eliminate this dangerous practice.



Quiet Lanes 
Wembury Parish Council has agreed to support Brixton Parish Council in their quest to implement the Quiet Lane Status to local roads to increase safety on our lanes and roads.