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Tenders sought for work for Wembury Parish Council. There are two contracts available, both on a self-employed basis. Applications welcome for one or both contracts:

1.       A Self-employed handy person to do various jobs around the parish, on an ad-hoc basis as needed. Must have chapter 8 training, a trade waste licence and relevant equipment. You will need to have your own transport and insurance, be experienced in all handy person type roles and be able to deal with a wide range of problems from repairs to waste removal. This will be on an as needed basis.

Please tender for this post stating your hourly rate as well as qualifications and experience. Tenders will need to be received by the 21st February 2020 for consideration in the Parish Council meeting on the 24th February 2020. Contract to commence the 1st March 2020.

2.      Self-employed handy person to work set hours per month on set tasks for a fee of £330 per month.

You will need Chapter 8 training, transport, a trade waste licence and insurance as well as the necessary equipment.

Time sheet would need to be filled with jobs achieved listed. You will need to communicate regularly with the clerk by mutually agreed methods.

Please tender for this post stating your hourly rate as well as qualifications and experience. Tenders to be in by the 20th March 2020 to be discussed in the Parish Council meeting on the 30th March 2020.

Set jobs would include:

a)      Roads and Pavements: Clearing road gutters, weeding pavements and cutting back overgrowth in areas not obviously owned by a home or business owner, clearing road drain on Wembury road twice a year, noticeboard maintenance twice a year, cleaning road signs, reporting road defects as seen.

b)     WRG: Clearing car parking spaces of mud and leaves, cutting back hedgerow alongside footpath, checking general condition of play and sport equipment and reporting defects, repairing defects if possible, checking on condition of trees and planting and reporting issues, removing guards as trees and bushes grow.

c)      Assets: Maintenance check of Down Thomas Community room and reporting any issues every six months, checking bus stop condition and reporting any issues every six months, checking bench condition and reporting any issues every six months.

d)     Additional possible tasks: dog poo and dog poo bag collection from problem areas, weeding in WRG, wildflower verges maintenance.


Please send applications to: The Clerk, Wembury Parish Council, 11 Cross Park Road, Wembury. PL9 0EU or clerk@wemburyparishcouncil.org. For further details ring 01752 863202



Read the draft minutes of the last Wembury Parish Council meetings, to know what the Parish Council is doing for you.



7.30 pm 

Monday 23rd March at 

The Wembury War Memorial Hall

When the draft minutes will be approved. 

 Come along to hear what the Parish Council can do for you.


Children’s Play Area- Work on the second stage of the playpark is due to begin on the 4th March. It will take approximately three weeks (subject to the weather). The front area of the playpark that has already been completed will remain open with Heras fencing to separate the two areas. Please ensure that children do not squeeze around this as it is there to keep them safe. This work has been possible due the the generosity of the National Lottery Fund. The Parish Council thanks you for your patience whilst this work is carried out.

 The exercise equipment will be sourced once grant funding has been achieved.

Pavilion – A working group has been established to source funding and make decisions. If you would like to be a part of this group please contact Cllr Brown



Interested in joining our group of volunteers in adding life and colour to our local road verges?

For more info: contact Keith on 07779 242191 or email wemburyverges@gmail.com



If you are interested in where there is likely to be future development within Wembury Parish - then join the Neighbourhood Plan Group to determine the future of Wembury Parish.

Details can be found on their own website:


Or - Email Pownplan

This is the Official Website of Wembury Parish in the South Hams District of Devon which includes:- Wembury, Knighton, Hollacombe, Down Thomas, Heybrook Bay and Wembury Point.

We hope that you find this website useful and helpful in guiding you around the wonderful Parish of Wembury.
Please refer to "About Wembury Parish" for more sources of information


Wembury Parish Council


A vacancy has occurred on 3rd February 2020 at Wembury Parish Council (Wembury Ward) caused by the resignation of Meg Newstead. .

A by-election to fill the vacancy will be held if within 14 days of the date of this Notice (excluding Saturdays, Sundays, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Year’s Day and Bank Holidays) ten electors from the Parish give notice in writing to the Returning Officer requiring that such an election be held.

The address of the Returning Officer is South Hams District Council, Follaton House, Plymouth Road, Totnes. TQ9 5NE

If no such notice is given, the Parish Council will fill the vacancy through co-option.

For further information please contact the Clerk to the Parish Council.

Clerk to the Council: clerk@wemburyparishcouncil.org . 01752 863202

Dated: 11/02/2020 Signed: A. Towill Wembury Parish Clerk

New Parish Council

We welcome the new Parish Council who will be in post till 2023. Most are returning councillors and we now have four new councillors - Meg Newstead, Coral Smith, Graham Truscott and Mark Kenny.

The new Chairman is Cllr Brown and the Vice Chairman is Cllr Drought.


 News & General Informatio

Marie Curie provide Dementia Befriending service covering South Devon and Torbay and are currently recruiting volunteers. We’re looking for friendly and reliable volunteers to support people living with dementia, their families and carers. As a volunteer you will take on a number of simple yet crucial tasks that will make a huge difference, this could be in a family’s home, a care home or out in the community. You will provide one-to-one companionship and support, offer a listening ear, and spend time engaging in everyday conversation, activities or hobbies with the person you are supporting. We will provide you with all the training you need so you can take on the role confidently. If you can spare a few hours per week and would like to support someone living with dementia please call 0800 304 7400 to find out more about the role and how to apply.

Speeding Vehicles in Traine Road, Wembury

There appears to be an increase in vehicles driving far too fast along Traine Road in Wembury. The road is narrow with many blind bends and fast moving vehicles are a danger to pedestrians, horses and the drivers themselves. Please avoid driving along Traine Road unless you have to. If you have to, then please drive slowly and be aware of other people and animals that may also be using the road. Please eliminate this dangerous practice.